LoVo has developed an innovative system for commencing or expanding telecommunication business through selling telecommunication services under the Partner’s own brand. With LoVo’s support, cable TVs, Internet Service Providers and other businesses with a selling potential may expand their offering with telephone services without additional costs or issues related to operator’s management of the project.

The offer is addressed to:

  • Businesses intending to expand their offering with fixed line telephony services.
  • ISPs and cable TV network operators without their own telecommunication infrastructure.

The services are available to companies that have or don’t have their own telecommunication networks (e.g. cable or Ethernet networks).

Service performance:

The service is provided on the basis of multiple-service HIPERUS telecommunication platform implemented in the LoVo network. Access to the platform for the end Customer is via public Internet or the Reseller’s network. The Reseller’s network can be connected to LoVo’s network directly or via public Internet.

Added services:

The key point of the system developed by LoVo is the broad range of added services, allowing you to start providing services without building your own infrastructure. The following are included in the range of added services:

  • Handling phone calls, both incoming and outgoing,
  • Possible implementation of any telecommunication tariffs and offers available for the end customer,
  • Billing and invoicing the end customers, allowing the Reseller to get rid of the problem of purchasing and implementing a billing system,
  • Services related to subscriber numbering, including number portability (NP), lease and broadcasting of numbering ranges,
  • Legal assistance for the partner,
  • Additional outsourced services, including access to PLI-CBD (Localisation and Information Platform with a Central Database), service and call monitoring, etc.

Benefits for the Partner:

  • Ability to start providing telecommunication services without investing in infrastructure,
  • Attractive call and service prices – LoVo network services give you an assurance of competitive prices of phone calls and additional services.
  • Ability to launch competitive service for the end customer:
    • Low subscription and call charges – LoVo network services give you an assurance of competitive prices of your monthly subscription and calls for the end customer.
    • HD Voice Quality – means calling comfort of the 21st century! LoVo uses use advanced algorithms in our network, based on HD Voice standards; therefore, voice transmission via network is hard to distinguish from face-to-face conversation.
    • Additional services – extensive range of additional services (such as call forwarding, voice mail, welcome message, virtual fax, virtual PABX) will facilitate customers’ communication with your company and communication between your employees.
    • Retention of existing phone numbers – number portability to LoVo network is a simple and quick process which will not interrupt the use of telephone service.
  • Unlimited territorial range – the Reseller may provide its services to any client with active Internet access service. Telephone service will be delivered to the end customer using the existing link, without the need to install any additional infrastructure.
  • Non-stop service monitoring – the service is monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, by dedicated LoVo network management centre engineers.

 Collocation services

Within the range of inter-operator services, LoVo offers to lease space in a telecommunication cabinet located in the centre of Warsaw, at Nowogrodzka 64 (Linxtelecom Poland).

Strict safety standards and appropriate environmental conditions are maintained on our colocation sites, as follows:

  • encrypted access with electronic cards
  • advanced anti-burglary systems
  • smoke and fire sensors and automatic extinguishing system
  • air conditioning (fixed temperature at 20°C (+/- 2°C)).
  • power supply system with single or double dedicated 16A switches
  • uninterrupted battery power supply at -48VDC

Contact our Consultant for more details:

Why LoVo?

LoVo has long experience in the telecommunication sector, focusing on the business and interconnection market.

The following aspects, among others, distinguish LoVo on the Polish market:

  • Points of interconnection with 400 operators in Poland and worldwide.
  • Long experience on the market of inter-operator services.
  • Professional sales and engineering team.
  • Full range of technologies (both TDM and VoIP).
  • Continuous network and service quality monitoring.

Within the framework of cooperation, LoVo will help its Partners with know-how required for commencing and expanding telecommunication business.